Chocolate fireguards…

February 5, 2011 at 7:15 am Leave a comment

Am reading (too) much about our species’ many cognitive frailties. It’s a sexy topic these days, and there’s no shortage of quality writing on the topic (personal faves at moment are Dan Ariely and Keith Stanovich).

Here’s a cartoon from Dore to this effect…

A goodly proportion of our frailties seems to be down to our need to think of ourselves as internally consistent, our beliefs attuned to reality, not influenced by other people’s attempts at conning us, or by our previous (irrational) decisions. So, if we spent a lot of money on something that was a dud, then we, if we can, refuse to admit that we bought a dud. And if a meal cost a lot of money, if it’s ok it will taste great, and if it’s great it will taste amazing.* And so on. Emperor’s New Clothes and all that…

* The sentence implies that there is an objective scale independent of our beliefs. Hmmmm.


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