Test 24: The Joyless Division

January 29, 2011 at 7:10 am Leave a comment

Holy shit. This isn’t like me. Usually once I get 23/24ths through something I can polish it off, even if it involves holding my nose, stabbing myself in the eye… but not this time.

The last test, the “Peak Experiences Scale” is so boring, so repetitive and so full of spiritualist woo-woo that I gave up at question 22 of… seventy. You’re supposed to answer true or false to a whole series of statements like “I have had an experience that made me extremely happy, and at least temporarily, gave me a glimpse of the purpose that lies behind the events of this world.

Frack. That. For. A. Game. Of. Soldiers.

And according to Janda “Eugene Mathes and his colleagues at Western Illinois University constructed the Peak Experiences Scale to test elements of Abraham Maslow’s theory of personality.” Which is a pity, because I think Maslow is pretty cool – certainly his distinction between health and illness reveals a man who knew which way was up…

Apparently those who have peak experiences are more likely to be ‘self-actualisers’ and “are described as more intelligent, assertive, tender-minded, imaginative, self-sufficient and assertive.”

Did you see that? Whoever proofed this book needs a spanking!

“They are also less authoritarian and dogmatic, and they experience fewer of the barriers we have discussed in this book. Perhaps most interestingly, peakers were less concerned with material possessions and status, and they were more likely to find life meaningful.” This may or may not correlate with “flow”, the concept developed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


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Test 23: What’s new, pussycat? All good things must come to an end. This too.

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