Test 19; Resilience test mangled, but was useless anyhow

January 27, 2011 at 8:29 am Leave a comment

I’m resilience/hardy/tough enough to cope with the fact that there has been a major screw up in this book (not the first). Lemme explain: I’ve just taken the “Hardiness” test. 45 questions on a 0 to 3 scale with reverse scoring (natch). Three sub-scales, each of 15 items. So, say you gave the “strongest” answer on all the items, and after the reverse scoring you therefore came out with 3 x 15 for each sub-scale. The top score on any subscale is 45. You with me? Well, the scoring system for the commitment subscale has “56” as the 85th percentile and “44” as the 15th percentile. That’s 44 as in one below “perfect.”

But look, let’s ignore the fact that someone at John Wiley should be sacked. Let’s deal with the fact that this test is a turkey. Its by Dr Paul Bartone, from a paper he wrote with R.J. Ursano, KM Wright and LH Ingraham (1989) “The Impact of A Military Air Disaster on the Health of Assistance Workers” Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 177, 317-28.

Take these as examples
“By working hard you can always achieve your goals.” “When I make plans, I’m certain I can make them work.” And if you answer in less than “completely true” to these, you are marked down! In America, it seems, there are no accidents, acts of god, acts of capitalism. And in fact, if you even acknowledge the possibility that there are bosses, you get marked down. (Question 9; “Most working people are simply manipulated by their bosses.”) It’s Wizard of Oz “Pay not attention to that man behind the curtain.” Or “Eight O’Clock in the Morning.” And this one, in which you told you are weak and not hardy if you want there to be a safety net, even if it is only for the “deserving poor” by agreeing with statement 35 “People who do their best should get full support from society.”

Given Janda’s track record, I am not surprised he chose such a class-biased and downright stupid test. And I’m not surprised the scoring system is fubarred.

There’s GOT to be better tests of psychological resilience out there. I shall go and find some!!


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