Test 17: Not so moody blues

January 27, 2011 at 7:05 am Leave a comment

The instructions for this one say that the “Test is about what you believe you can do, not about what you actually or usually do.” So, since I am fully signed up to that Buddhist thing about you being able to decide whether an event is happy or sad etc, I scored highly for ability (well above 85th percentile) to turn moods around if I choose to.* When I was studying psychology, twenty years ago, they told us about that study that showed that physiological excitation could get ‘labelled’ by an experimenter as happiness/sadness/anger, and most subjects would take on those labels, especially in the absence of another clear competing one.

(When I was 17 I “programmed” myself to get happy in response to the Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun”. Still works…)

Janda says that Cantazaro and Mearns (who developed the test) have not found personality or temperament differences “The critical difference appears to be that high scorers have a firm belief that they can influence their moods, while low scorers feel relatively helpless when they experience distressing emotions.”

And sometimes, I like being Mr Grumpy…


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