Test 16: Dossiering up the Sex

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In the same way that Peter Mandelson was “intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich” (with the oft-omitted codicil “as long as they pay their taxes”), I am “intensely relaxed about people getting jiggly in any manner they see fit, as long as they are consenting adult humans who aren’t related to each other.” (call me oppressive, but incest taboos are there for a reason).
So I expected to come out as a bit of a libertine on this test, especially since it’s been designed for the American market, and Americans have never escaped the influence of the batshit crazy religious nutjobs who fled late 16th/early 17th century England because it was too morally and religiously lax.

Most of the questions seem to be about the old “menage a moi”/5 knuckle shuffle/“U + Ur Hand” (don’t knock it, at least it’s sex with someone you love) and pre-marital sex (erm, everyone’s at it, no?).

And guess what. I am off the scale. I mean, out of a possible score of 350, with 201 at the 85th percentile and 107 at the 15th, I scored … 3.
OK, I made some assumptions. I assumed that “mixed” company meant women. I’d be far more uncomfortable telling or hearing dirty jokes around folks who found that stuff upsetting – male or female – than I would just around women. Duh.
I didn’t really know how to answer question 27. “Unusual sexual practices are okay as long as they’re heterosexual.” If you disagree with the assumption that heteros have the space to be kinky but homosexuals [and really, what’s with these Labels all of the time? Spectrum, much?] aren’t allowed, do you put strongly disagree, or strongly agree and then it reverse scores you?
Poor show, I say.

I’m sick of this. Janda is just not reflective enough! There’s rampant heterosexism, a puritanical distrust of just having fun for the sake of having fun, and he refuses to mention the control of women’s bodies by religious nutjobs as something to be challenged. The closest he gets is to observe that “sexually conflicted adolescent girls wait an average of three months after becoming sexually active before they begin to use contraceptives. Their male counterparts find it extremely difficult to visit their local pharmacy to buy the necessary supplies for safe sex.” (page 141). Yeah, and then you have the physical/financial/emotional trauma of abortion, or having a kid you didn’t want. STDs, you name it. Get your frackin’ hands of women’s bodies, you religious zealots. Teach sex education and women’s empowerment and autonomy.

I may well ramp this up to two tests a day, just in order to polish this off over the next four days. It’s been bloody tedious… Next up will be the “dealing with tricky people” thing, and maybe some intelligence tests (there’s this book at the library…)


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