Test 14: Trust

January 25, 2011 at 8:54 am Leave a comment

I used to have real issues trusting anyone. Have gotten significantly better, but still fairly lame. And struggle with the fundamental attribution error… I assumed I would come out as particularly paranoid on this test but, disclaimers as ever, I seem to be wrong. There are two separate questionnaires, one for men and one for women. For men, there are 21 questions that you answer on a 9 point Likert scale from 1 = Very strongly disagree through to 9 = Strongly agree.

A little reverse scoring and we’re away – Overall on trust I am in the 85th percentile (though, oddly, I answered all the questions as 9, so there seems to be a bit of a ceiling effect on this test.)

Emotional Trust, higher than the 85th percentile.
Reliableness, same again.

Interesting that – according to Janda – “women are consistently more trusting than men and more willing to give people a second chance after they have shown they cannot be trusted.”

So, women are more likely to be the ones ‘re-set the prisoner’s dilemma game if it has descended into cycles of retribution….

Janda seems focussed here on sexual fidelity and jealousy. He doesn’t even pay lip service to any form of polyamory or non-monogamous relationships. Neither, more seriously, does he look at the fact that trustfulness is destroyed in chaotic/corrupt/grossly unequal societies.


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