Test Thirteen: Anger is an energy

January 22, 2011 at 10:33 am 2 comments

I’m disappointed. I thought I was more of an anger bunny than this (usual disclaimers re: self-delusion/inaccuracy of tests apply).
It’s a 30 question test which you answer on a scale of 5 = completely true to 1 = completely false, with the last question having 9 subsections.

Little bit of reverse scoring and you come out with five sub-scales

Anger Arousal. Meh, I’m at the 30th percentile. There are very specific things that piss me off. As I get older, those (I think) tend to be fewer, and I shrug my shoulders more. The serenity prayer – about the wisdom to accept what I can’t change – seems to be working.

Range of Anger-Eliciting Situations Well, according to this, there are lots of situations that piss me off- I am well above the 85th Percentile.

Hostile Outlook. I’m stuck in the middle with you (50th percentile)

Anger Out 40th percentile
Anger In less than 15th percentile (I.e. everyone else is wrong. I. Am. Perfect.)

No, I don’t know the exact meaning of these sub-scales – it’s one of the frustrations of this book that the titles are supposed to be self-explanatory, but they’re not really.
As per “controlling” comment – it’s very specific things that piss me off, but I am learning not to give a rats’ arse about the stuff I can’t change. And I’m channelling my anger better. Contra to what a very very dimwitted officer of Manchester City Council once said, anger is important. Anger is one of the energies that keeps you going, if you can harness it. IMHO, anyhow.

Janda is amusing – admits to express aisle supermarket rage

“Especially infuriating was the person who would wait until he checker announced the total before digging through her purse to find her pocket book… dig through her change pocket to preserve as many of her precious dollar bills as possible.” And his solution? “… rather than stare at her in a futile attempt to speed her up, I would amuse myself by reading the headlines of the tabloid newspapers that are always adjacent to the checkout line.”

I should dig out my proposal “Death in the Aisles”…


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