Test Nine: Here comes Billy-No-Mates*

January 19, 2011 at 6:59 am Leave a comment

Hmm, six days since I last did a test, seven since I posted. It turned out to be relatively easy to NOT do these tests for a while. That could be just my laziness, or it could be because I don’t have much faith that they are actually telling me anything very interesting/that I didn’t already know….

So, the Friendliness Scale. There’s 40 items on this, devised by John Reisman and you have to rate yourself on a four point scale from “Agree very much” to “Disagree very much” with no room for ‘meh’.

There’s some reverse scoring and further shenanigans.

I came out spectacularly low (bottom 10th percentile or lower) on self-concept (of myself as a friendly person, so hat-tip for self-knowledge), accessibility and alienation, and about in the 50th percentile for “rewardingness”. While I might argue with some of the ambiguity in some items, I can’t argue that I have scored as a grumpy misanthropic cactus here.

Am I surprised? No. I don’t go out of my way to make friends, and I’m happy enough in my own company. Which is handy, since I’m so judgmental and lacking in compassion (sometimes) that if I weren’t happy in my own company, I’d be lonely. That said, I have quite enough good friends who I see face to face and others on internet (though obviously that’s a very different beast).

In further self-justification; I was watching a documentary about Daniel Ellsberg last night, and at one point he said the pull of “getting along” with friends and colleagues was one reason why really bad shit continues to happen (he was speaking of the Vietnam War).

For those of you who don’t read Viz (for shame, for shame!), Billy No Mates is

“a miserable, antisocial teenage boy who spends most of his time alone in his dark room playing video games. If anyone disturbs him he becomes extremely irritated. He also has an obsession with masturbating, collecting large amounts of pornographic magazines and calling sex hotlines.”


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