Test Eight: What, me, Worry?

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Right now in my life, according to the Freeston Worrying scale, I am pretty chilled. (Usual disclaimers apply). That’s not always been the case. Part of getting old(er) is realising that you should ‘cheer up, it may never happen’, and you become more confident in your coping strategies. But I’ve been, in the past (and future?) a little stress-bunny/worry wart.

Anyhow, it’s a 47 item scale, where you agree muchly or littly with various statements like
“I worry because I have learned to always expect the worst” and “When I am uncertain I can’t go forward.” I scored in the 30th percentile for “Reasons for Worrying” and in about the 13th Percentile for “Tolerance for Uncertainty” (as in, I can take it). Usual disclaimers about these tests apply.

I’m getting used to Janda now, and I don’t expect his essays to include any sort of broader social analysis. So, there’s nothing here about what might be making people worried – threats of nuclear war, the pending ecological debacle, their jobs getting downsized, their kids getting addicted to drugs/videogames/whatever. There’s nothing there about the death of identities around religion and class, or any of that malarkey. Just individuals who want to perform better within the market...

See also
OODA Loops – people can get stuck in the observe orientate bit, and never decide or act. Too busy keeping all their options open, agonising as a substitute for actually DOING anything…

Now that the first third of the book is done, it’s as good a time as any to recap on the first eight tests
So far I haven’t been that surprised by any of the results. That either means I know myself ishly well, or I’m just good at self-delusion. The worry will doubtless keep me awake all night.
I have goodish self-esteem, I’m not so anxious, not depressed at all, believe that I (sort of) control my fate, am relatively rational, not impulsive at all [read, boring and risk-averse], have body image issues of sorts and don’t worry about anything much.

The very picture of a narcissistic middle-class dweeb…

Predictions for next 8 tests
Friendliness –high, when I can be arsed
Assertiveness- high
Intimacy – highly capable
Controlling – medium to high
Angriness- medium to high (OK, maybe high to very high? I have a low bullshit threshold, and there is a lot of bullshit around, especially in activist circles)
Trusting – low. Me, I’m a bit paranoid me.
Romanticness – very high. Birthdays, Valentines etc, I’m da one with the Smoove Mooves…
Guilty about Sex- very low. Libidinal even…

Time will tell…


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