Test Six: Impulsivity schmimpulsivity

January 11, 2011 at 9:46 am Leave a comment

How impulsive am I? According to the Barratt Impulsiveness Scale, I’m in the bottom 15% percentile for all three subscales – Non-planning, Motor Impulsivity, Cognitive Impulsiveness (Usual disclaimers apply)..
This kind of chimes with my experience a few years back when, in order to get an MRI scan of my brain (yes yes “I bet that didn’t take long” har har) I took part in an experiment on impulse control and thalamuses or amygdalas or whatever it was. Before I was accepted into the “control” group of normal people I sat through a half hour test that seemed mostly to be about if I had debts and had had affairs. Apparently incontinence with your money and who you share your genitalia with shows poor-impulse control. For the record – no debts, no affairs (except the triplets, and that doesn’t count).

The test – a 30 item effort with four possible answers from “Almost always”, through “often” to “occasionally” to “rarely/never” contains such gems as Q11 “I squirm during plays or lectures” (well yeah, if it’s boring or patronising!) and Q26 “I have outside thoughts when thinking”

BUT – I am easily distracted by starting new wonderful projects, many of which don’t end up going anywhere. That makes me human, I suppose, and easily bored? But not impulsive
BUT – I am not necessarily the world’s most diligent advance-planner. But not impulsive.
I have maybe internalised enough of the cop in my head, or I am too risk averse or whatever…


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