Test Seven: Body of Ignorance

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I wasn’t pissed off before, much. Now I am. Why? Because we’ve got to a topic where there is very direct harm being done to very many people, and Prof Janda refuses to move out from behind the Myth of the Neutral Professional. (thanks to John S Veitch for bringing this essay to my attention).

There’s a Multi-dimensional body-self relations questionnaire by some guy called Tom Cash.

It’s got 46 items with which you “definitely disagree” through to “definitely agree.” A little bit of reverse scoring and some subcategories and (Usual disclaimers apply) you end up with scores for

Appearance Evaluation (surprise- I’m in the bottom 25% for doing much on this)
Appearance Orientation (surprise – I’m way down on giving a rat’s arse
Fitness Evaluation – just above the midpoint for doing anything (but then I have to, since my weight has crept up all through my bloody thirties)
Fitness Orientation – see above
Subjective Weight – (what I think and what a reasonable observer would think) off scale. Because I am not deluding myself about being, um, off the scale
Body Area Satisfaction – low, but ask me again in 3 months, eh?

The test was not so bad, what the problem was with the essay afterwards. Look, Janda obviously cares about his patients, and within the framework he’s operating, I’m sure he’s competent and effective. But honestly, anyone who can write this sentence…

“And society has made it things especially difficult by imposing increasingly stringent standards for what an ideal body should look like. Miss America winners and Playboy centrefolds have both become increasingly slender over the past half century.”

needs to think about their blinkers. I mean, gosh, is it that all this has happened just by magic….
Fat IS a Feminist Issue. There is a pernicious Beauty Myth.


Further reading
Unbearable Weight Feminism, Western Culture, and the Body by Susan Bordo


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