Test Five: Not sure I’m rational. Let me just roll these dice to find out

January 9, 2011 at 12:34 pm Leave a comment

So, a 50 item questionnaire, with a six point scale from “totally agree” to “totally disagree” as devised by Dr Howard Kassinove.
You end up, after a little reverse scoring, with subscales for awfulizing, self-directed shoulds, other-directed shoulds, low-frustration tolerance and self-worth. (Usual disclaimers apply).

Hmm, a bunch of the questions were, to me, ambiguous and really hard to answer. Maybe I am thinking about this too much?
Turns out that – assuming I got the scoring right;
I am 85% percentile as an awfuliser (that’s just awful!!)
Slap bang in the middle for self-directed shoulds (which aren’t really explained enough, IMHO)
Off the scale for other directed shoulds (so much for my image of myself as laissez faire)
Off the scale for low-tolerance (so much for my image as chillaxed – how does that gel with my anxiety?)
Off the scale for Self-worth (huh)?

If I could be bothered to look into it, I’d do a little more digging. Generally, I don’t do horoscopes, I try to see inside other viewpoints (hermeneutics and all that). Sure, we all have our hinky blindspots. But I don’t see how this test is so ‘rational’…? Or am I missing something?


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