Test Three: Depressing, but true

January 7, 2011 at 12:41 am Leave a comment

It’s official, I am as happy as a pig in shit.

I just took a 30 item test called the Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire and scored 32, which means I am pretty un-depressed. (Usual disclaimers apply. Plus there are other times in my life where I would have scored a bit higher.)

According to Janda, the test was devised by a couple of doctors “to assess the sorts of cognitions that are associated with depression. Their goal was to develop a text that would be useful in gauging the progress of psychotherapy”

And Janda makes the point that people in a dark place can’t see things “objectively.” Since this is a library book, inevitably there are scribblings. In response to Janda’s “we’ve all heard stories of people who have had countless failures before they reached their goals. Having a failure experience is just that – a failure experience. It does not make one a loser.” someone has written in pencil “On what planet?”

And underneath Janda’s shout out to Aaron “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” Beck pencil person has written “replace negative delusion with positive delusion- very sensible I DON’T think”

Nowhere in this though, is there anything on the pain a person might feel at watching a planet get trashed by some stupid death-scared hairless apes.


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